Does your work get you down easily? Struggle to pay attention in meetings? This can hurting your career goals, or simply not leave you with enough energy after a working day to enjoy your family. What you eat affects your ability to concentrate, react and most importantly those decisions that can make or break your career or company.

I've been there, one day up the next day down with a massive unproductive food coma afternoon in between. After developing what is now my programme (while finishing a PhD), I've been more productive and more relaxed as work no longer stresses me due to an improvement in mental performance. I am gaining such and advantage over my peers. Who wants to work 10 hours on a project when, with a better performing mind, you can do it in 7.  fantastic advantage of being at your best everyday. 

This involves simple nutritional changes, some groundbreaking technologies and medical advice to get the best out of yourself.

Time to perform smarter

If you are a company, I also run workshops and seminars to improve the productivity of your workforce.

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