A little (quality) beef goes a long way

Grass fed beef is becoming increasingly sought after, from some of the best restaurants in the country to the discerning public. It provides numerous health benefits as well as being ethical, sustainable and a much better taste to the alternative of corn fed beef.

For a long time red meat has been tarnished with an undeserved reputation for causing clogged arteries and heart disease. Science has now debunked this, showing that it is processed meats that lead to cancer and obesity linked diseases, not fresh red meat (1).

Beef provides a fantastic quality source of protein and is packed with many vital B vitamins for body and brain health.

Being grass-feeding animals, cows enjoy nothing more than to chew the cud with a freedom to roam. The quality of the beef really does depend on the quality of what they eat. How do you feel after eating nothing but junk food? A bit sick and tired? This is what is happening to cattle fed a grain diet all year round. You are essentially eating a sick animal. The marbling in their beef may look pretty, but it is actually the fat being forced out into the muscle which isn't normal. This fat is a type of saturated fat, shown to increase cholesterol and inflammation. To get technical grass fed beef has more steric acid and less palmitic and mysteric acid (2) These are all saturfated fats with different length. Proves that you shouldn't put everything in the same box. All fat is not the same, and neither are all saturated fats

The much leaner beef from predominately grass fed cattle has fat richer in omega 3 and with a higher beta carotene content, an antioxidant, which gives the fat a much more yellow tinge in those cattle slaughtered in the summer months. The ratio of omega 6 (pro-inflammatory PUFA) to omega 3 is 1.5:1 in grass fed beef compared to about 7:1 in grain fed. Higher percentage of omega 6 to 3 leads to higher residual levels of inflammation and has been linked with chronic disease (3). Read more here

The supreme rump cap from Philip Warrens butchers at Bao paired with delicate white soy sauce is testament that beef does not need to be eaten in vast quantities to be enjoyed. Great grass fed beef is to be savoured, much like quality sushi. You will reap the rewards in flavour and health.

As some one who likes to eat out and still reap the benefits of quality food this is great news.

NB - This article was written for 'Balance' that is now available in Hoi Pol Loi, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch.