Overrated. Do not read this blog. Information will not help you

When was the last time you learned something that made you change the way you are, how you eat or the way you live?

The 'mistakes' the vast majority of us make are not due to a lack of knowledge, but our overriding instincts and habits. Reminds me of the quote 'Successful people are those that do what other people know they should'. I wonder how many people are successful due to something they've read. Bill Gates was always an exceptionally driven man, who didn't take a day off, not even for weekends. By that time he was a billionaire with one of the biggest companies in history. The longest living people in the World, the Okinawans, didn't get that way by trawling through scientific papers or health books, they just eat real food, mostly plants and not so much. Hara Hachi bu

This blog is a scourge of information and so it is very paradoxical for me to write this article as it is  almost the antithesis of what I do. As a scientist it is also very much against how I've been taught, surely those 4 degrees stand for something! However, discoveries are often made in spite of what is already known. I think it is very important to acknowledge this. I spend most of my waking hours reading, learning new information, trying to disseminate and share most of it. Is it actually helping or is it just intellectual 'gossip' that I am intrigued and fascinated by?

There is a Yiddish saying 'If the student is smart, the teacher takes all the credit'.

If you act on any information given and make a change, is it due to the information; or were you looking for an excuse to make the change anyway?  Necessity is often the mother cause of all change.

Hopefully, including tiny habits to help implement the knowledge in each of my posts will help to give a nudge onto the right path. Or just keep it as intellectual entertainment. It's your choice!

Next time you read another article that starts with 'This will change your life...' Think. Will it or do you just want it to?


NB. Read Antifragile by Nassim Taleb, it has certainly opened doors in my head that inspired me to write this.